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Professional Textbook Publishers in London, UK


Live The Life Of A Best-Seller Author By Hiring Our Top-Notch Book Publishing House is among the largest textbook publishing companies that help authors reach readers worldwide and live the life of a best-seller. Our clientele includes millions of experienced teachers who decided to transfer their knowledge into an eBook. We further got their books a global exposure across all platforms like Amazon, PublishDrive, Barnes & Noble Press, IngramSpark, and more.

Why Choose Our Textbook Publishing Experts In UK?

Because you don’t want your e-textbook to remain dormant on the shelf, right? Rather, you want your textbook to get maximum exposure, so every school or college incorporates your book into their curriculum! And we can help you get there. We have been in the textbook publishing business for years, turning thousands of dreams into a published reality.

Our e-textbook publishing ensures your textbook is uploaded on the right platform to fulfill its potential and reach a broader audience. You can kick-start your publishing adventure today.

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    We Offer The Most Affordable Textbook Publishing Throughout UK

    It’s just £499, and you’ll have your well-written textbook live across every platform! We include everything in the deal, like:

    Content Quality: Since academic textbooks are supposed to be age-appropriate, well-researched, and as per the subject, we evaluate the quality to ensure it meets the academic standards.

    Illustrations/Diagrams: If your textbook needs illustrations or diagrams to convey the idea, we’ll put our talented designers in action to design clear, crisp, and creative images in the content.

    Formatting: During the textbook publishing process, we take care of the formatting, font size, and alignment so it’s super easy for your audience to skim through the pages of your book.

    Language Check: To prevent any major printing error from occurring, we ensure your book is free from any grammar or spelling blunder. Our editors use their strong observing powers for that.

    We, As The Largest Textbook Publishers In Britain, Publishes Books Of Every Subject

    Our company is named after the rarest school and college textbook publishing companies in UK that publishes textbooks of every subject. Any subject or domain never limits us; hence, we have authors and teachers from every background.

    We pull all stops to offer the vastest diversification in publishing. Either it’s a science textbook or a Quantum Mechanics book, we’ve experience in publishing all of them. What’s more, we can help you reach any e-book shelve through our textbook publishing expertise.


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    Premium Features Offered By Our Professional Textbook Publishing House


    We'll keep you in the loop through the whole process.

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    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Not satisfied? Tell us what's wrong & we'll fix it for free.

    Full Ownership

    We'll have no rights over the textbook published by us.

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    100% Royalties

    Our company won't claim even a penny of royalties.

    timely responses
    Timely Assistance

    You'll have your book live within the agreed time frame.

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    24/7 Support

    We offer the fastest customer support to our clients, 24/7.

    100% Satisfaction Is Guaranteed with Our Textbook Publishing Company

    When you trust us as your textbook publishing agent, you can have the comfort that your book is in the safest hands. We won’t close the order until we are sure that you have achieved the purpose of hiring us. Usually, our published books are never rejected. But in rare cases, if the textbook gets rejected, we stay there to identify and fix the problematic area.

    Our online service guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. We look into feedback and resolve the issues at no additional price.


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    A Textbook Publishing Company Reviewed By 500+ British Authors!

    From London to Bristol, Manchester and Belfast – we’ve the honour of serving authors from every part of the UK. The following are a few reviews they dropped.

    Outstanding textbook publishing service! I've hired them twice, and both times, they got my book published on time. Plus, their consultants are very friendly. Highly recommended service.

    Lilly John

    It was a pleasure working with these textbook publishers. I've been hiring publishers for 14 years, but none could meet this publishing house's standards. 100% satisfied.

    Peter Rio

    I was a bit confused since I was publishing a book for the first time. But their support team helped me so much and explained the textbook publishing process nicely! I would surely re-hire them.

    Jessica Alice

    This is the most professional company I've ever encountered. Their prices, customer support and everything else were just on point. They published my textbook just in xxx days for $ XXX only.

    Frenz Jocab

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    Get Your Book Published On Your Desired Platforms

    Uplift Your Literary Journey By Trusting Famous Textbook Publishers Of The UK

    Textbook publishing goes beyond getting your book live – instead, it’s a catalyst that can help you uplift your literary journey as an author or a teacher! Here’s how trusting our textbook publishing agents can help you make your mark in the industry:

    E-Textbook Publishing Across 20+ Popular Platforms

    Indeed, Amazon is one of the most renowned eBook publishing platforms, but we, as textbook publishing experts, believe in breaking all the barriers and making our customers reach new heights of success. Hence, our textbook publishers can help you get your book live on 20+ platforms simultaneously. Since each platform has different guidelines, we’ll format and publish your book accordingly. Be it KDP Select, Barnes and Noble Press, BookBaby or any platform, it’s just a piece of cake for us.

    We Empower Self-Publishers With Our Textbook Publishing Expertise

    As experienced book publishers, we acknowledge that self-publishing never guarantees success. However, with our real commitment – the success can be guaranteed. That’s because when you work with us, we give your book the attention it deserves at economical prices. While we work for you as textbook publishing agents, the process would still feel like self-publishing because you control the process. We keep the customers updated throughout the process so they feel involved with us.

    We Keep Our Top-Notch Textbook Publishing Service Profitable For You.

    It’s a very common practice in the textbook publishing industry to charge royalties from the author after the publisher has published the book! However, we believe this shouldn’t be the case. We charge one-time service fee and then let the customers enjoy all the financial rewards. What’s more, our service is highly confidential, too. We neither claim any ownership nor let anyone know that you hire us to publish your textbook. We expect no return apart from one-time service fees.

    No Longer Periods of Waiting Before You Get Your Textbook On Shelves

    Traditional textbook publishers in the market might take forever to get your book live on your desired platforms. But when you come to us, you can witness the fastest textbook publishing process. That’s because we have a team of experts dedicated to each purpose. Hence, the process is sped up, and the book is made available for purchase within days! This enables you to capture more and more opportunities and connect with a larger audience in the least time possible.

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